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'The Sure Word of Prophecy' is the latest revision of our attempt to create a comprehensive overview of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy in history in chart format.

The chart takes the classic historicist view of Bible prophecy - the view taken by the majority of protestant scholars from the time of the Reformation until the early twentieth century when the historicist view began to  fall out of favor as the futurist school gained wide acceptance. For those unfamiliar with this view, historicism is a school of prophetic interpretation which understands the prophecies of the New Testament (mainly the Book of Revelation) as unfolding in a continuous manner from the first century when it was written, down to the second advent.  It is to be contrasted with futurism and preterism  which understand the Book of Revelation to be describing events mostly at the close of this age, or in the first century.

Sadly, many Christians in our time are completely unaware of the historicist view of Bible prophecy and are only familiar with the futurist and sensationalist views expressed by authors such as Hal Lindsay, Tim LaHaye, and Jack Van Impe. 

The fact is, much of Bible Prophecy, including most of the Book of Revelation has already found its fulfillment in history.  The historic fulfillment of these prophecies has taken place in a most remarkable way, and should be a source of comfort and inspiration to all Christians as we see the hand of God at work through the ages.  Only the One who knew the 'end from the beginning' could have given to us such a detailed account in advance of what was to transpire over future centuries.

Many features have been updated in this revision to add functionality and clarity.  Sections of the chart are broken out by topic so that each subject can be followed left to right across the timeline.  These sections can be toggled off and on via the control panel at the top of the chart making comparison of any two or more sections much easier.  All scripture references are tagged so the scriptures can be viewed simply by hovering over them.  Clicking on a scripture will open Biblia.com in a new windows so that the context of the scriptures can be checked, or read in another version.

I have also added links to further reading material in the information 'boxes' that appear in some sections of the chart.  This material is crucial to understanding why many events appear on the timeline where they do, and give important historical information on prophetic events so that the reader can see more clearly how many events have been fulfilled throughout history.

While I encourage comments and questions about this work, I have no desire to engage in argumentative discussions so please keep that in mind if you plan to comment or to email me.

This work is incomplete at this time and is an ongoing project.  It is currently being revised ad/or added to at a rapid pace so I encourage you to check back often.

Most of all, I pray that this work willbe a source of strength and encouragement to all believers.  We truly can know that that our God is sovereign, his word is sure and true, and that our Lord is coming soon. 

<![CDATA[Welcome to the New Harvest Herald]]>Wed, 15 Jan 2014 01:00:55 GMThttp://harvestherald.com/journal/welcome-to-the-new-site-layoutWelcome to the new site layout for The Harvest Herald!

After many years we decided it was time for a change.  The entire content of our old site has been archived and is still available

As you may notice in the future, some of the older material will not be transferred to the new site layout.

Over the years our views on many beliefs have continued to evolve and some of the older material no longer accurately represents our current understanding.

We have many plans for new material to be added to the site so we hope that you'll check back often.

Thank you for visiting.  May the Lord bless you and your study of his Word!